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From: Pamela M.... To: Kathryn Rone .... Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 4:15 PM
Hi, Kathryn! We continue to LOVE your gorgeous painting. Thank you so much for the two wonderful contributions you have made to our home!

Have your portrait painted as a reminder of the healing power of movement. Portraits may disguise the subject in creative hair, clothing, and colors. All body shapes are encouraged to participate. Yoga is a journey that moves toward valuing life in the body.

Most paintings can be completed in two months, and average $600. Price and length of time depend on size and initial start date. To reduce the price, you may choose to sign a waiver allowing copies of the painting to be sold.

For commissions in California and Hawaii, an appointment can be scheduled for photographs and sketches. You may choose to be photographed by a friend. Photographs submitted for portraits will only be used for the creation of the portrait.

Give someone a painting or portrait as a gift. Email and request a gift certificate.

If the painting is commissioned and completed by Portraits of Yoga, but is not paid for within one year, it becomes the property of Portraits of Yoga and may be resold to other customers.

"Kathryn came to my home and photographed me for a portrait and I posed in different asanas. She gave me a disk of the photographs and finished my beautiful portrait." - Heidi S., Santa Cruz, CA

"I felt comfortable having her in my home to take my picture. It was fun to collaborate with her choosing the colors. The pose is representative of a recent revelation of myself. Iím excited to see how it turns out.
- Stacey G., Mountain View, CA


3. rone@portraitsofyoga.com
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