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Many cultures believe that the eye is the window to the soul and is expressed through their artwork. My desire to connect to the soul, window, and eye are the reason I practice yoga and pranayama. This comes through my paintings in a visual representation of breath, spirit, body, soul, opening, eye, waves, circles, grounding, and connection.

For thirteen years I have been practicing yoga and am a certified Yoga Instructor. I try to begin and end my day with a healing practice, alternating yoga, belly dance, journaling, and meditation. Integrating yoga into my life supports and heals me. By connecting to the body and breath, I relax and become more present. This has helped my life in many ways. Just as the lotus flower rises from the sludge at the bottom of the pond, yoga helps us to blossom from our stagnant resistance.

My personal practice most closely aligns with Angela Farmerís yoga that dialogues with the inner body. I enjoy integrating the healing waves of Continuum Movement into yoga asanas. I believe in using yoga and pranayama to heal the body and connect with spirit. Yoga and art are my doctor and health insurance.

This love for yoga and movement has found expression in my paintings. The paintings visually describe the energy that moves through each pose. I hope the images are a reminder to return to yoga practice for healing. My intention is to express the feeling flow and breath of yoga.

Yoga is a journey that moves us toward valuing the body. Have your portrait painted as a reminder of the healing power of movement. All body shapes are encouraged to participate.†Please contact me with questions about the paintings or having a portrait created.

More on the artist: KathrynRone.com

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